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Arne Duncan and Dishonesty

One of the most dishonest and misleading speeches ever given by a Secretary of Education was given by Arne Duncan on May 24th 2011. It was called ” Lessons from High- Performing Countries.” I do not want to dignify it by giving you a link. It infuriates me that someone who never taught a day in his life (K-12) would be so dishonest and use our schools as  scapegoats.

Duncan flippantly refers to poverty and fails to grasp the vast body of research that shows IT is THE factor that brings many of our international test scores to the middle of the pack. IT is THE main factor in test scores.

Mr. Duncan, the US IS A high-performing nation when comparing “like” students. We are at the top of the world. We are a high-performing nation in economic competitiveness- see World Economic Forum.

I am tired of you talking down our schools and misleading the public for political reasons. Shame on you. You continue to ignore and cherry-pick evidence.

Mr. Duncan appears to have used this speech to promote Common Core too. If so, he fails on all accounts since the US is a high-performing nation.

Of course another question is why we have an obsession over international test scores anyway. Is there some connection between scores and our economic success? Nope.

Beware the “scapegoaters”  like Arne Duncan. They love political hammers. The May 24th Duncan speech shows me how bereft he is of ethics and how out of touch he is with our society and schools.

What was that song about “Smiling faces….”?


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