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Randi in Wonderland: Common Core Denial

Randi Weingarten has done a great job, backed by a lot of cash from Bill Gates, in fooling AFT membership. She continues to say she opposes a testing fixation but supports policies that will increase testing in our over-tested schools. Common Core will cost billions to implement and despite no need for more standards- Weingarten is all in with her friends David Coleman, Arne Duncan and Bill Gates.

A lot of the costs associated with Common Core involve the scores of cottage industries that have risen from the NCLB grave, to build their profits again.

One of the biggest parts of Common Core (from the start) is a massive testing program that will increase the fixation on testing that Weingarten says she opposes.

Let me be clear about what is happening. It is impossible to say you oppose a testing fixation and then support the Common Core testing regimen.

Common Core has a wide variety of tests during the year that all require districts to spend millions on computers. Weingarten must know there will be more of a testing fixation under Common Core.

AFT, NEA, IRA and NCTE have  all abandoned core literacy principles to hoist Common Core upon us. They will not talk about the massive expansion of testing.

We must lead and oppose the theft of our tax dollars to support the Death Star that is Common Core and its intrusive testing.


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