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Silent Majority- Teachers Against Common Core & its Massive Testing

What to do when unions and professional organizations capitulate? The AFT, NEA, NCTE and IRA have thrown in with the corporate reformers who have no teaching experience. David Coleman and Arne Duncan have teamed up with Bill Gates to impose their will on our nation. How many of you got to vote on “Common Core?” Some teachers have even been able to cash in by backing things like Common Core- think Carol Jago.

Robert Marzano is another example. This guy spent four years in K-12 Education- lastly in 1971! This guy has made multi-millions pretending to be THE expert on teacher evaluations. He is also cashing in on Common Core.

A lot of people are cashing in on the myth of failing schools and the perpetuating of a manufactured crisis.

There is no empirical evidence for throwing billions into Common Core. A lot of states have outright lied about Common Core- hiding the massive testing that is coming. It is stunning to think of the waste of time and money involved in this deception.

Since the US is a top performing nation when comparing like students – how will this deception help our massive poverty level?

Do test scores really matter?

I think it was Chris Tienken who said we do not have a crisis in education but in educational leadership- at all levels.

Teachers must get active. The Seattle Revolution must not fade.


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