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Randi Weingarten’s Testing Fixation

Stop misleading about Common Core. There is no evidence to support this costly diversion. What makes me most upset is that Weingarten continues to say she opposes a “testing fixation.”  What planet is she on?

From day one- Common Core has included massive testing that makes NCLB look like the glory days. Common Core is about massive testing and will increase the amount of money diverted to testing and its cottage industries- like infrastructure and consultants.

This increase in testing is well-known but  Weingarten continues to mislead AFT membership. There will be formative, summative and interim testing. Of course there will be diagnostics too. Several states are even beefing up existing tests to comply with mandates from David Coleman.

You cannot be for Common Core and against a testing fixation. Sorry Randi – they go hand in hand.  Stop ignoring reality. AFT has become a willing dupe (IRA, NCTE, ASCD and NEA too) for the enemies of public education.

The mantra will soon be, “If it is not on the Common Core tests, don’t cover it.”

Last week Randi Weingarten said it was our job to prepare kids for the SAT.  This is the same lady who claims to be fighting a testing fixation. Give me a break.


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