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Florida Victim of Common Core

The Florida Department of Education (sic) is getting rid of great classes because they cannot align them with Common Core. Florida students are losing out on some great experiences. These classes were always hard to offer because of all the state mandates but there is no reason to erase them from the books.

In some real irony Florida will no longer let high school teachers offer an elective on the Civil War. For a former Confederate state this is an interesting choice. How sad. Common Core is pushing out so many great classes! The list would shock you.

If a class is not offered after four years it may be deleted. There is no reason for this. I was told even if the Civil War class was offered this year it would be gone forever next year.

I have asked several members of the legislature to step in but they refused. This class should be allowed- in fact stressed at much as the Holocaust elective is.

Common Core is pushing out classes and the legislature should STOP THIS NOW.


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One thought on “Florida Victim of Common Core

  1. countrygirltlc on said:

    Yes, we have been told we can no longer offer “Integrated Math III” after this year. This is typically a course for seniors who have completed Algebra II, but are not ready or do not wish to go on to PreCalculus. It’s basically “College Algebra” part I, and the students who take Integrated Math III come back after they graduate and tell us how well it prepared them to be successful in College Algebra. RIDICULOUS that we have to get rid of a course that served such a great purpose!

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