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The Common Core Guru is in!

Regular readers of my blog are familiar with my thoughts on Common Core and the massive testing that has always been at its base. You know that I see no reason (empirically) to hurl billions of dollars a year at this scheme.

Today I saw some information that made me want to hurl- just not money. I saw information being put out by ASCD. This group asked if teachers needed help planning for- wait for it- Common Core assessments. They then said they had the answer. They have a (wait for it) “Common Core guru” to help. Is this a new title somewhere in a far away kingdom?

Well I decided to check out this guru and see who he was. His name is Efrain Mercado. I have nothing against Mr. Mercado and he probably makes a good Bridge partner but what makes him a guru? How is he qualified to help teachers?

ASCD provided a biography of the guru. He works at ASCD as the lead strategist for Common Core. He once worked for the ACT and is listed as having an “extensive test preparation experience from his previous role as a master (ohh) tutor/teacher for the Princeton Review.” He also founded a test preparation company called “Premier Prep.”

By the way, K-12 teaching experience (wait for it) is ZERO. The empty set.

So to be a Common Core “guru” an extensive background in test preparation is critical. Common Core is TEST DRIVEN. Any questions?

Do states realize the money they will be asked to fork over for infrastructure, consultants, computers, testing and gurus?

The Pioneer Institute thinks Common Core will cost tax payers about $16 BILLION in the first year. Friends, the educational testing complex and a host of people hawking books and programs are descending on us. Look who is getting wealthy off of Common Core. Common Core is the same thing as NCLB but with more testing.

In 1914 Sir Edward Grey made an important remark that fits today- 2013- in the USA with Common Core…

The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our time.”


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