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Can we stop saying “rigor” please?

The term “rigor” is a word some folks are using (again) to imply there is some crisis in education. A lot of folks are making money off of this term and its evil twin “college ready.” Here are  several definitions of  “rigor”  from a dictionary…

A.  harsh inflexibility in opinion, temper, or judgment:  the quality of being unyielding or inflexible

B. an act or instance of strictness, severity, or cruelty

C. rigidness or torpor of organs or tissue that prevents response to stimuli

D. a condition that makes life difficult, challenging, or uncomfortable; especially : extremity of cold

Making students see reading- poetry, fiction, non-fiction or any other genre as simply a task to be completed is immoral. This is why test driven Common Core should be stopped. We had enough under NCLB.

Our goal should be to foster book-loving citizens. Rigor? Ha!


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2 thoughts on “Can we stop saying “rigor” please?

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  2. dshareski on said:

    Been saying this for a while myself.

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