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On Vocabulary- Common Core misses the mark

Academic vocabulary is easily taught in content classes.  The real problem with vocabulary is in simple words that we use in daily conversation.  This problem is multiplied when dealing with students in poverty. Growing up, these kids have few (if any) books at home. They are not read to by parents and in many cases there is little “talk” going on between parents and young kids.

Yesterday I was amazed that few of my high school students knew what “minor” and “doubt” meant. Common Core does not address the real issue.

Many of our students come to school with an opportunity gap and Common Core will widen it. Common Core ignores comprehensible input for a harsh course of rigor… mortis.

Schools are reinforcing the opportunity gap by not letting kids read  a lot and enjoy books. This translates into an achievement gap.

How many times have you used “Theocracy”  in the last few weeks?


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