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Testing taking more teaching time in Palm Beach County

The Palm Beach County School Board signed a resolution against high-stakes testing and then doubled down on more tests that are not required. In an attempt to boost school grades, the Board approved the brilliant idea of FORCING all 11th graders to take the SAT during the school day.

You see, schools get more points for good SAT/ACT scores. The College Board got a nice fat check for this crime too. They got close to a million dollars.

It is a complete bastardization of the test- to force it on students. I do not see how results can be reliable.

How about lost teaching time. I spoke to teachers at a few schools and they confirmed that they lost three to four days of class to register students for the test.  On test day- schools will be locked down for about FOUR hours. Many students in other grades are saying they will stay home that day. What a fiasco!

One student told me, “We were forced to sign up. They made us.”

The district refused to tell students they could opt out despite many requests to the Board to do so. Of course all of this is based on the lie that SAT scores can indicate “college ready.” As I wrote before, you might as well give the NY Times Crossword Puzzle. Results would be the same and it is free.

Districts are saying this provides  access! Forcing students to take an optional test is immoral – not access. Districts also like to say it solves transportation problems. This has NEVER been an issue before. It is time we put responsibility on students and parents.

How are we making kids college ready by enabling them and not teaching them responsibility?


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