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The Florida Choice Canard

A lot of folks assume that Florida and Jeb Bush are strong believers in “choice.” Tony Bennett was anointed to run DOE and he also says choice is very important. Governor Scott is on board too.

I hold that the people listed above, backed by Will Weatherford, Don Gaetz and a host of  other charlatans only like choice when it benefits them.

Ask our Florida friends if they will support the rights of parents and students to opt out of testing they feel is excessive or invalid.

Ask our Florida friends if they support the rights of local elected school boards to evaluate and decide on charter school proposals. When districts reject charter schools for failing to meet guidelines that all other schools must meet- the state often overrides the decision. This happens a lot with phony virtual schools.

Ask our Florida  friends why charter schools are given choices that other schools are not.

It is time to  stop letting these folks push us around. Expose these hacks whenever possible.




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