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Why listen to Jeb Bush?

Jeb Bush has wreaked havoc on Florida for years. Why would anyone listen to him? Follow the money. The recent release of emails from his “Foundation” shows  immoral and possibly illegal relationships between his group,  the Florida DOE and Legislature.

Bush and his puppets at DOE and in the legislature are diverting money and time to testing at an accelerating rate.  Up to 80 days a year are used for testing. Charters and virtual schools are popping up around the state.  More and more money is being drained from our schools to support Jeb Bush fantasies and take care of friends. There is little, if any, evidence to support the Bush agenda- let us be clear about that.


*Florida is near the bottom of the nation in graduation rates (USDOE 2013)

*Black male graduation rates are below even Mississippi, Georgia (Schott 2012)



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4 thoughts on “Why listen to Jeb Bush?

  1. wreaked … or maybe wrought …

  2. Thanks to a follower for catching my error today. “Wreaked” makes so much more sense! Wrecked? What was I thinking? lol

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