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Wednesday Florida Testing Update

Silly season continues in the land testing and honey. As Florida students are being forced to take the EPAT test I outlined in an earlier post- there is another more insipid one on the way next week!

Students around the state will be forced to take the PERT test. This is the new test the nabobs in Florida have blessed as the “college ready indicator.”  There are several problems with this test beyond the fact that no test can determine college ready status. That is another issue I addressed in many earlier posts.

One problem with the test is that it is FORCED. Students who score low on FCAT are told if they do not pass PERT, they must take another remedial class in grade 12.  Even if you are not going to college the test is required. This test should be given (like the former version was) at the college site, when (and if)  students want to take it. Students are now herded into a lab and forced to test.

LET ME CLEAR. This test was never designed to be REQUIRED. Florida is bastardizing it. Some districts do the same damage with the SAT- another test that was not designed to be REQUIRED.

How can the results of the PERT be valid when it is given to people who could care less? It was not designed to punish students in high school or be required. The test is new so there is no evidence of reliability or validity.  It appears to be another political hammer. It also figures into school grades so districts love it.

There is mounting evidence that students are being incorrectly placed into remedial college  classes due to “a test.”  Is trying to fool all kids into thinking they have to go to college part of the problem?

Students will miss a few classes of instruction to take this test. How did the state college system convince the legislature this was a good idea?

The scores will come back and we will hear laments about how bad schools are. The media and politicians will say, “Look how many kids are not “college ready.” It is time to rip the mask off of this scam.


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