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The Testing Blues

As the school day ended today I noticed a fellow with a forlorn look on his face walking down the hall. I said, “You look sad today. How are you?” The student ( I have no idea who he was) said, “Yeah, I had to take some PERT test today and I have no idea why and all I do is take tests on computers.”

I told the student to relax, smile and go home and have some fun. I then realized that this test had ruined the day for this student. The look of stress and sadness is one I see all too often these days.

When will we realize how wrong this testing madness is?

*PS: PERT is a supposed “college ready” test they force kids to take at school. It should be taken in a relaxed atmosphere at a college. This test forces kids to miss several class periods and if students do poorly they are placed in a remedial class.


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