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Common Core Boondoggle in Florida- Update

The Florida Department of Education (sic) is actually happy to let you see how much money is being diverted to Common Core technology- well not totally. This website tells you how “ready” districts are to implement the demands of Common Core testing. We know Common Core will cost millions each year just to keep the technology current. Will we ever now the exact amounts?

This website also reveals something the state has been hiding – the massive increase in testing on the way. The site neatly hides the actually spending required to get the Common Core infrastructure started.  Notice that “being ready” is all based on diverting millions to testing- to the educational testing complex.

The saddest part of the website is the request from DOE to , ” Check back soon and see the map become more green as school districts continue to implement positive transformational shifts in our public education system.”

Diverting millions of more dollars to testing infrastructure is a “positive shift” in education? Increasing testing and implementing MORE standards just a few years after telling us we have the “World Class Sunshine State Standards” is a positive shift? Acting like we have a standards problem is a positive shift?

Well, Florida got one thing right. There is a “transformational shift” alright- to the little red testing house.

FLASH: I just saw this article: Florida DOE is requesting half a BILLION dollars for initial implementation of Common Core. Is this a scam or what?


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