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Open Letter to “The College Board”

I object to being forced to give the SAT during the school day

I object to you bastardizing the SAT by letting districts and schools force students to take the SAT when it was never designed to be a required or forced test

I object to you allowing the SAT to become a political hammer for legislatures to use to push a testing agenda

I object to you not paying teachers to proctor school day SAT tests. Districts give you millions yet you save money on proctors.

I object to the use of the SAT as a primary indicator of “college readiness” – as close to 1,000 colleges and universities have stopped using this test for admissions.

I object to you encouraging the use of the SAT during the school day and taking away another day of instruction from students already overly tested.

How dare you allow an optional test to become  a mandatory one. How dare you take millions of precious dollars away from schools to push a forced testing agenda.


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