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Florida Testing Update #339122

The STATE required PERT test is taking a long time to give. There are so many other STATE required tests going on, it is hard to get all students tested. This month we had the STATE required writing test (sic) and the STATE required FAIR test (sic) to go with PERT.

PERT testing at my school started on February 11th and continues even today. Oddly, the PERT test was never designed to be forced on students but the state has bastardized it. It should be taken in a relaxed setting at a community college by students who WANT to take it.

The state of Florida is in a state of denial over its massive testing program that drains time, money, energy and passion. I guess they are happy with graduation rates near the bottom.

*FYI- Florida does try to boost its graduation rate by exempting many students from having to meet all the requirements! If you have an IEP you do not have to pass ANY state assessments to get a regular diploma.  Wait a tick! Florida VAM scores are based on many students with no incentive to   do well on the tests that decide the VAM score.  Tell me how we have a teacher problem again…


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