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Why is Florida Lying About Common Core?

Today I am wondering why Florida is lying about Common Core. The DOE, legislature and governor do not want you to know a few things.  Some of these things are coming out due to public records but much remains locked away from the public- unless you do some investigating.

*Florida has presented no empirical evidence that justifies adopting these new standards and throwing away the self-proclaimed “World Class Next Generation Sunshine State Standard” that cost many millions to implement.

*Florida refuses to tell the public that Common Core is a test driven curriculum that makes FCAT look like the halcyon days. There will be more testing than ever seen before in this universe.

Florida wants to spend a half billion dollars on testing infrastructure for next year alone. What a start! Do you realize the yearly upgrade costs? Then there is the other money for materials and consultants…

3 Down   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  (boondoggle)



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