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The Power of Free, Self-Selected Reading

When James Patterson Visited a Florida School

Famed author James Patterson visited a school in Florida and delivered a strong message about the power of self-selected reading. Sadly, the state has adopted Common Core. Along with diverting billions to more testing, Common Core continues to make reading a “task” that must be completed. There is no time to learn to love reading and develop into book-loving citizens. Common Core has kids in kindergarten looking at the text structure in  Dr. Seuss stories.

Here is an excerpt from an article about Mr. Patterson’s visit to the school on March 6th.

Asked what he liked to read when he was a kid, Patterson said, “Comic books, lots of them. And apparently it did some good. So, I encourage you to read what you like to read, and keep reading because you will get good at it, it will make you smart and it will cause you to use your imagination.”
I refuse to implement Common Core because it is malpractice. My kids will read whatever they like for at least 60 minutes of each 90 minute block. This is the best way to build vocabulary and learn the “ways of the reader.”  What if we had kids do this from K to 12?  Avid readers do just fine in school and college. What if we built an army of readers from day one?

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