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Florida Students Sick of Testing?

It appears some Florida students are sick of taking tests all of the time. They miss a lot of instructional time.  One Florida Assistant Principal told me, “We are testing each day from now until the last week of school.”

Some in the legislature (puppets of Jeb Bush and Patty Levesque) are pushing the idea that most testing is NOT state required. Currently, Manny Diaz (R) is pushing this myth in the legislature and some there believe him.

Frustrated that many students are rebelling against testing, one principal put out an email to remind folks that the state requires the “ePat” tests. The sad thing is that some students have to take up to FIVE of these tests. They take between 45 minutes to an hour.

Here is part of that email…

“Understand students MUST take an ePat prior to taking their FCAT and/or Algebra, Geometry, Biology, and/or US History EOC. Each of these tests are important either as graduation requirements or as 30% of the student’s final grade… Remember that these are mandatory and not up for discussion.”

*The state is actually requiring tests just to take the “other” tests!


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