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Kathy Shanahan and Educational Malpractice in Florida

Common Core- the most test driven curriculum ever- is taking over the state. Since the media will not cover this grand deception, I must.

The Florida Board of Education wants about half a billion dollars (initially) for Common Core testing infrastructure. This includes about 50 million dollars just for devices to test on.

Board member (and Jeb Bush confederate) Kathy Shanahan said, “We have our responsibilities to be ready for Common Core…we haven’t made our case. (for the funding) It is all going to be on a technology platform and we should be leading the nation…”

I hate to bring Kathy back to reality but “leading” would mean not following other states as they implement standards we do not need and divert billions to testing. With high schools already testing about 80 days a year, how much more testing can we take? Common Core is a massive testing increase. Florida spent (now wasted) a billion dollars since 2007 implementing the “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.”

What Shanahan or anyone else in Florida has failed to do is “make the case” for diverting billions to more standards and more testing. Computer companies and consultants are getting rich while schools and kids suffer.

Shanahan said, “We appear to be a paper tiger if we don’t take this seriously.” Once again it is time to take Kathy back to reality. What has the massive test driven focus done for Florida? The low graduation rates and African-American male graduation rates below Mississippi and Alabama don’t make us a paper tiger?

If I could indict folks for educational malpractice, I would.


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