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Tony Bennett’s Grand Canard

A few moments ago, unelected Commissioner of Education (sic) in Florida Tony Bennett tweeted the following…

“It amazes me that while we live in a land of freedom, people oppose the freedom of parents to choose the best school for their children.”

This is high sophistry to be sure.

I do not know of any law prohibiting parents from enrolling kids in any school.  Of course what Mr. Bennett is referring to is taking money and resources away from public schools to pay for these “choices.” There is a big difference here and uncle Tony knows it. I think the voters in Florida just spoke on this matter but maybe Mr. Bennett was busy cleaning out his desk in Indiana.

Does Mr. Bennett think we should also have vouchers to give people a choice to leave Florida and live elsewhere? Maybe the “Bennett Scholarships” can be established. How about $10K to pay for moving costs? We demand choice!  How about vouchers for those who want to hire private security guards because those provided by their living communities are “failing” to stop crime?

Does anybody else have ideas for how Tony can take more money away from schools? I would love to know. He already supports diverting about a half billion dollars for Common Core testing infrastructure (this year alone).

This guy wants to destroy public education and should just be honest about it.


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