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Comedians in the Florida Legislature

There is bill in the Florida Senate (SB1390 – committee substitute) that has the following language…

“The public schools in this state should be the education incubators that disrupt the old status quo.”

So does that mean we will end the status quo of diverting many millions- each year- to more tests? The status quo has been more testing, taking away final exams from the teacher experts, diverting money away from education to testing infrastructure and consultants and taking away due process rights from teachers. The status quo has been making public schools a less desirable choice and setting them up for a manufactured crisis. The status quo has been throwing kids into virtual classes- giving them no choice. The status quo means testing for 80 days in schools.

The status quo was established by folks like Don Gaetz and pal Jeb Bush. Under their watch we have African-American male graduation rates below Mississippi and Alabama. Bravo Don and Jeb.  When will you let teachers actually run the show and disrupt your status quo?


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