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Florida Rep. Carlos Trujillo rips own mask off

Florida Representative, and long time Jeb Bush deacon, Carlos Trujillo said the following on the floor of the Florida House yesterday…

“Parents are in charge of the bake sales and the teachers are in charge of the policy.”

This insulting and divisive comment was made as Trujillo pushed his “trigger bill.”

Teachers in charge of policy? Really Carlos? If we were in charge I assure you we would not be giving tests for 80 days of the school year. Really Carlos?  If teachers were in charge of policy we would not be diverting billions from kids to Common Core testing. If we were in charge we would not scapegoat schools for the ills of society. Really Carlos?

The comment by Trujillo also seeks to divide parents from teachers- just like his bill does. Really Carlos? Teachers spend hours at bake sales, sporting events, graduations, car washes and hundreds of other activities for no pay. Teachers do it because that is who WE are.

Really Carlos? Do you have any idea what goes on or do you just mouth the ramblings from the Jeb Bush/Patty Levesque amen corner?

How long will you scapegoat schools? Stop dividing parents and teachers.






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