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Phony Florida Graduation Rates

I have often written about the dismal graduation rates in Florida for Black males. Today I want to take on The Jeb Bush folks who want to gush over what they call “rising overall graduation rates” over the last 10 years or so.

I do not think many people know what Florida does to “game” graduation rates. Consider the points below.

1.  25% of all Florida graduates over the last ten years have been passed with waivers. This means they did not have to pass a single state test, due to being labeled ESE.  Keep in mind,  teachers are held accountable for the test scores of students who know they can guess on each question and still get a “diploma.”

2. BYU. This program allows students to pay about $150 for each half credit they want to “buy.” The students meet with an “instructor” and answers to tests are passed out.  Students do some worksheets together. Students can get credit in as little as TWO DAYS. One student said Panera Bread was a popular meeting place. Poor kids need not apply.

3. Credit Lab. Students do work on a computer from home or school. They are allowed to use the internet to look up answers to assignments. When students complete a class they get a gift card from Subway.

As you can see friends, it is all a game. Despite the three points I made above- overall rates are still pretty bad. To have people like Patty Levesque or members of the legislature tout a “general rise in rates” is misleading at best. Overall rates around the nation are on a general rise. I wonder how many states game the system like Florida?


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