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Florida Diploma in Two Weeks!

I just learned about another scheme in Florida. I wonder how many states have the same “program.” If you cannot pass the state tests to graduate but have met all other requirements, you can simply “enroll” in a virtual private school and graduate in about two weeks- once you fork over $300.

I just spoke to a senior at a Florida high school who is scheduled to “graduate” this week. The student will get a certificate of completion since he could not pass the state graduation test or the ACT/SAT.

The college that the student is attending to play Division One football told the student NOT to attend the graduation ceremony. They told him to pay $300 and “attend” a virtual private school for two weeks and he will have his diploma and be eligible to play. You see there are no state tests to pass at private schools.

Keep in mind, this student has met all the other requirements for graduation. He does not need ONE SINGLE CLASS to graduate. From what I gather, students simply pay the money and get the diploma once they have verified transcripts. The virtual private school is guaranteed 100% graduation rate! Here is a link to one program that says they are a home school program but offer diplomas under the grand name of  “Lincoln Academy.”

If you still need classes to graduate, do not fret! Lincoln will give you access to 5 study guides and once you complete the online work- you are a graduate! This group says they are registered with the Flori-duh Department of Education.

Will these programs be accepted at colleges and Universities? Well, Lincoln “guarantees” you can “apply” if you “graduate.” Hell, I can “apply” with a paper I make up at home.

I am not sure if the student I spoke to is using this “school” (sic). I will update the story when I find out where he is graduating (sic) from.

These “private” institutions make a ton of cash and can boast that nobody fails. You can be done in just a few weeks. Oh- the rigor. Oh- the high standards that Florida has. Oh- the choice.

Would someone volunteer to try one of these programs so we can see what happens?

This must be what Jeb Bush means by “personalized learning.” ($)


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