Books are Enough

The Power of Free, Self-Selected Reading

Richard Allington and Some Recent Quotes on Reading

Some recent quotes from leading reading researcher Dr. Richard Allington…

Common Core supporters should take note.

“Classroom libraries are not 25 copies of 5 books. Classroom libraries are 1000-2000 copies of different books.”

“If you want to waste a lot of time, test kids often.”

“Reading volume predicts reading growth in struggling readers.”

“I don’t know why we would ever give a kid a worksheet.”

“Why the hell are kindergarten teachers doing letter of the week when 2/3 of them know all their letters day 1?”

“Every Superintendent and principal should spend at least half their day teaching. If they don’t have time fire them.”

“If you want to make kids stupid give them: para-professionals, workbooks, and have them read on computers.”

“If you want kids to improve in science and social studies give them a dahm (sic) book they can read.”

“With what we do to low achieving high school students, I’m surprised more teachers’ tires are not slashed.”




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