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Chiefs for Change – Really?

The Jeb Bush group “Chiefs for Change” is having an identity crisis. They are actually promoting the status quo. Why do they mislead with their name? Well they have figured out “Chiefs for More of the Same” will not sell.  What is this group selling?

* They want to continue the status quo of diverting billions to the educational testing complex.

*They want to continue school segregation by using the “choice canard.”

*They want to continue to scapegoat schools for the ills of society.

*They want to continue to bastardize testing and tie it to teacher evaluations.

*They want to continue to make bogus connections between test scores and economic prowess.

*They want to continue to claim “crisis” under the guise of “raising standards.”

*They want to continue to push VAM and merit pay schemes- proven scams.

This is a group of politicians who want political hammers to push a privatization agenda that is based on power and money. There is no place for the educational gangsterism that this group employs.


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