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Yes Virginia- Common Core is a Curriculum

There is a growing myth out there that Common Core is not a curriculum. I guess those out there with limited or no classroom experience might not get the connection between standards, curriculum and then testing. The snarky attitude of many Common Core supporters is expected since they have no empirical evidence to support the diversion of billions of dollars to Common Core and its cavernous collection of cottage industries.

Florida has actually forbidden the teaching of some classes since they cannot be aligned to Common Core. I have an email that states this and a list of GREAT classes that students are now deprived of as they were purged by FLDOE.

Standards are directly related to curriculum and – in fact- become the curriculum to a large extent. This in turn- drives the testing.  Common Core is best described as a test driven set of standards and curricula.

Those on the Western Front of teaching for the last several years know this and live this.


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