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Jeb Bush and his Chiefs for Status Quo

The Jeb Bush cabal “Chiefs for Change” is fond of using the phrase “bold change.” It is high irony that they really just advocate for more of the same.

The Chiefs Agenda:

*Divert more money and teaching time to testing and all of the assorted cottage industries that tag along on the gravy train

*Defund public schools

*Give charters and private schools taking public money the continued ability to…

A. skim     B. not have to test all the time, as regular public schools do     C. not have to abide by many of the rules regular public schools have to

*Scapegoat schools for the ills of society

*Divert money to online programs and credit recovery scams

*Take away due process rights of educators

*Take away local control of elected school boards in favor of unelected apparatchiks (think Florida)

*Segregation through choice (think Hartford)


This agenda is hardly bold and I only listed part of the plan. The Chiefs are simply political shills trying to use policy as a blunt instrument to exploit students for a privatization plan that is very apparent to those who pay attention.


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