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I have had it with the Arne Duncan propaganda machine

Arne Duncan, (never taught a day in his life and Chief Executive Officer of Education) gave a bizarre  and rambling speech today on the Common Core Standards, Curriculum and Testing Program he funds and “encourages.” I am not sure what you call it extortion when  money is held out to desperate states if they go along with your plans but I will let the reader decide what to call it.

Duncan compared his speech on Common Core to a Bay of Pigs Speech given by President Kennedy. First, the comparison is insulting since people DIED at the Bay of Pigs. Secondly, Kennedy took full responsibility (in public) for the Bay of Pigs. Mr. Duncan was not so honest. He knows damn well he funds Common Core, encourages it and took advantage of the bad economy to throw it on the backs of states.

Duncan also labeled opponents as extreme and demonized them. He called out the “Tea Party” – apparently not knowing that more and more teachers are opposing Common Core as they find out that it increases testing and diverts billions more to the Common Core cottage industries. There can be no opposition or dissent! Can you imagine David Coleman’s call to Duncan as he berates him for not speaking out more to support the core!?

What Duncan failed to address – on purpose- is the growing opposition to this test driven Common Core experiment. He also refused to deal with the main concern with Common Core for many- the fact that it is based on things that are simply not true.

Mr. Duncan…

1. Our schools are not broken. We score at the top of the world when comparing like students (See Bracey and Berliner).

2. We are not a helpless giant incapable of global competition (see World Economic Forum- historical rankings global competitiveness)

3. We don’t need to divert billions more in time and money to MORE standards and MORE tests. There is no evidence that standards and more tests improve learning (see Glass and Berliner).

Mr. Duncan, when you want to have a serious discussion and not label people as extreme kooks- let teachers know. AFT and NEA do not speak for a majority of teachers. When you want to stop minimizing violence and poverty and when you want to stop scapegoating schools for the ills of society- let us know.

It is time teachers say ENOUGH to Duncan, Weingarten, Bush, Coleman and Rhee. ENOUGH.




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One thought on “I have had it with the Arne Duncan propaganda machine

  1. I am a parent. I am not a member of the tea party. I vote for Democrats and Republicans equally. And I’m very concerned about the Common Core price tag. Particularly a parents ability to say no to selling my child’s private data to corporations, (see iBloom) and over testing of students for corporate profits (see corporate profits of PEARSON and McGraw Hill). In the same way the tea party and occupy wall-streat over-lap, opposition to Common Core will overlap.

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