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A July 4th History Lesson for NEA Leadership

I have been commenting on the meeting of the NEA in Atlanta. I have been engaging in discussion on Twitter for the duration of the meeting to give my views and hear the views of others. I have been dissenting a lot. Here is what I am upset about and here is the response I got from Melinda Anderson- who says she is a “writer for the NEA President, Mr. Van Roekel.

1. I am concerned that NEA named Jerry Brown the greatest education governor- since he diverted $1.25 BILLION to Common Core and its massive testing.

2. I am concerned that NEA lauded Patty Murray who wrote the LEARN ACT – a $12 BILLION boondoggle to packaged programs and testing.

3. I am concerned that NEA raised dues when people are losing jobs and having salaries slashed. The money will go to – in part-  Common Core implementation.

4. I am concerned that NEA cannot connect the dots between Common Core, curriculum and testing. THEY ARE THE SAME. Standards become the curriculum- which is determined by what is tested. It is impossible to support Common Core and not also be for its diversion of billions to testing. As Robert Skeels said, “Saying you are for Common Core but against high stakes testing is like saying you are for nuclear strikes but against the fallout.”

5. I am concerned that NEA supports “blended” learning which is a boondoggle for packaged programs and computer companies. It is also a Trojan horse for virtual ed.

6. I am concerned that NEA took the time to vote to support “Wendy.” Regardless of where you stand on the issue- is this appropriate? Are we really wading into the abortion issue?

7. I am concerned that the NEA Executive Director actually said we have a “teacher” problem. This lie is part of the Michelle Rhee and Jeb Bush propaganda.

8. I am concerned that NEA advances policy bereft of evidence.

After my last tweet to the NEA delegates here is the response I got from someone working for Mr. Van Roekel-  Melinda Anderson.

“Isn’t there good book you’ve been dying to read? Flea market to visit? It’s wknd! So many better ways to spend a Saturday! 😉 ”

**Mrs. Anderson- On this weekend after July 4th I can think of no better way to spend my time- fighting for what I believe in.


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