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Ravitch Wrong on Weingarten

Diane Ravitch recently published a mawkish post about AFT President Randi Weingarten. While I usually agree with Dr. Ravitch and understand her personal fondness and respect for Ms. Weingarten, I cannot agree with much of the post.  I cannot hold hands with someone who is far too often in the Conga line with David Coleman, Arne Duncan, Jeb Bush and Michelle Rhee. It is time for lifelong classroom teachers to reclaim the debate and the profession.

The battle Diane Ravitch speaks of can only be won when leadership stops telling us to keep loading the wagon- even if the horse is blind. And WE need to stop loading! Below is my response I sent to the blog.

“Sorry. While I understand the “join together” and “friends” idea- professionally one cannot hold hands with R. Weingarten while she skips towards oblivion and supports policies that increase testing. Her support of policies that have and will divert billions to more testing and its cottage industries is immoral and it would be malpractice for me to join with her as she leads us into the loving arms of David Coleman.”


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