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No Dissent in Tony Bennett’s Florida

Tony Bennett said Florida will lead the way in Common Core implementation. There are  no questions and no discussions. After being booted out of Indiana by voters for his autocratic ways- Bennett found donors enough friends on the Florida Board of Education (sic) and the Jeb Bush Foundation to get appointed to run the DOE in Florida.

Bennett said he wanted to be a listener. Sadly, Bennett continues to push his Common Core fantasy without evidence. His listening is selective and apparently confined to Jeb Bush and his minions.  There has been some deliberate misleading of the public and teachers about Common Core and Bennett is using DOE to push his vision. Dissent is not allowed.

Here are some things that Bennett and friends are doing to mislead…

1. They don’t mention that there is no evidence to support Common Core

2. They don’t mention that billions are and will be diverted to more testing and related industries

3. They continue to mislead, as recently as today (Shelia Veatch), on the nature of Common Core by insisting it is just “standards.” As we all should know- standards become the curriculum, which is determined by what is tested.  This is how it works in the real world of high stakes testing.

4. They insist that Common Core is simply standards to promote thinking.  Guess what? This is what DOE told us about both the “Sunshine State Standards” and “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.”  Now we are told these were just a lie? A game? A joke? Let me tell you a secret. The Next Generation Sunshine State Standards are great for creating thinkers. They have been bastardized by testing- as  ALL standards are.

*Unless you are a very brave and wise teacher – nothing gets taught (curriculum) that is not outlined in the standards and on STATE TESTS. This is the crime of the massive high stakes testing regimen in Florida that takes up to 80- yes 80- days a year. High schools spend the last  35-40 days of the year just giving EOC tests and other required tests.  The state does not want to emphasize this.

Believe it or not, Bennett is not the only one to blame. Gutless superintendents, boards, principals, teachers and professional organizations lack the testicular fortitude to speak up and ACT.  The fragrance of power, illusionary as it is, draws some to the flame of malpractice.



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