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Dear Tony Bennett- Stop insulting Florida teachers and students

Commissioner of testing and propaganda Education Tony Bennett has been on a Common Core tour of late- trying to convince a compliant  media that he knows what the hell he is talking about. He has gone unchallenged by the media. Few (in media) are educated enough on the issues to confront him.

In a recent interview Bennett said, “We are going to test challenge students like never before.” What an insult! Bennett just hosted a sham Teacher of  the Year Ceremony to use teachers as props to help his agenda and reelect Rick Scott. Less than 48 hours later he said that teachers have not challenged students and somehow they will now start, due to a multi-billion dollar elixir called “Common Core.”

This is a big reason why Bennett was forced out of Indiana by voters. He is utterly incapable of dealing above the table.  One day he lauds results and gains in Florida but then the next day he attacks teachers. His weapon is a scheme called Common Core- that has no empirical evidence behind it. With high schools testing around 80 days a year- including the last 30-35 of the year- what tripe from Mr. Bennett. Why? Because Common Core continues to add testing days to the schedule and diverts billions more to all of the testing industries and consultants.

You see, for folks like Mr. Bennett- teachers and students can never do good enough. There always needs to be a crisis to justify a political agenda we are all too familiar with in Florida. The false mantra of  “raise the bar” is simply a way to keep a crisis going. Once students begin to improve and figure out the system- things change. Did you know if there are too many “A” schools that the Florida Board of Education(sic) has a built-in trigger to up the bar?

What a sham.  Mr. Bennett (an old Pal of Jeb Bush) continues to use the students of Florida as political toys. Bennett is a carpetbagger who had the golden rug laid out for him by financial backers in the Jeb Bush Foundation and on the Florida Board.




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