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Florida BOE Member Sally Bradshaw. Bless her heart.

Florida Board of Education(sic) member Sally Bradshaw once worked for Jeb Bush and has experience with PR and marketing. She has not spent a day of her life on the K-12 front lines.

Sally says that by not allowing school grades to drop two letter grades we are hiding the truth of how schools are doing!  Sally is relying on an old marketing technique by setting up a false premise for the public to accept.

Schools get grades but then can be punished by arbitrary little rules. They can drop a grade if only 49% of the lowest 25% make gains. If 50% make gains no problem. Yes America- 1% can drop a school a letter grade. Is this what Sally calls the truth of how schools are doing? Basing grades on a test heavy model is absurd but it promotes the political agenda of some.

Bradshaw and her friends need a crisis. What Sally does not tell you is that Florida school grades fall almost perfectly on socioeconomic lines.

If the truth of how many lives schools are saving and helping ever gets out- Jeb Bush and Sally will have to leave the state. But they don’t have to worry. As long as Florida bases “success” on arbitrary cut scores and test results, the Bush crowd can keep making money.

Bless your heart Sally…


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