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Tony Bennett’s School Grade Canard

School grades for elementary schools and middle schools in Florida came out today. High school grades are on hold. It took the DOE until the end of December to get them out last year. Yes- it took DOE SIX MONTHS to figure them out.

The released grades so far show a sudden and massive drop- over 50% of schools. This alone should show you how invalid the system in Florida is. Tony Bennett, the commissioner who was fired in Indiana and appointed in Florida, says the drops are due to “higher expectations.” Here we go with the same old “raise the bar” garbage that keeps us in constant manufactured crisis mode. The number of so called “A” schools dropped from 48% to 29% according to several media sources. Cries of “Crisis!” will be heard from prattling politicians trying to blame schools, teachers and kids. Of course the blame is rightly placed on the legislature and DOE for the immoral and unethical system they have created. And now the state wants to spend even MORE time and money on testing? Are you kidding??

I hope parents realize that these grades have little to do with the actual education that kids get. Sadly, these grades end up on realtor sites and they impact communities.

Did Mr. Bennett ever consider that kids are sick of being tested non-stop in schools? They really might not give a damn when the big test comes? Florida mind-numbing policies have to end. But they will not end because too many people in Tallahassee need their political hammers.

Who will reclaim our schools from those wanting crisis and profit?


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