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Slick Willie Weatherford

Outgoing Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford gleefully pointed out that Florida was a “pocket of freedom” due to the fact that the number two NFL draft pick, Luke Joeckel,  is able to pay no state taxes on his salary of over $8 million (if he becomes a resident). Slick Willie said that it, “pays to be a Floridian.”

Florida child poverty rates have soared from 17% to 25% over the last few years. Central Florida was recently in the national spotlight for being a leader in child homelessness.

Florida is currently being sued over its treatment of disabled children.

Last month Florida ranked number one in the nation for… foreclosures. ( 1 in every 1,025 houses)

I guess the “pocket of freedom” Willie is speaking about is only found on the finest of suit jackets.

I guess it pays to be a Floridian for some…


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