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Desperate Defense for Tony Bennett

Ever since Tony Bennett’s emails were made public, the usual suspects have mounted a furious and wild defense of the man Indiana booted out. Some of Bennett’s biggest backers were testing/textbook companies who would have gotten a massive boost from Bennett’s Common Core canard.  Bennett’s actions are unethical at best. Are they illegal? The attorney general will need to decide that.  Either way, Bennett has lost the public trust and must resign from his appointed job in Florida.

Why would anyone defend Mr. Bennett after he admitted to being a serial liar? Yes- he actually mused about having to “wriggle” out of all the lies he told. It did not take long for politician and assistant flack at the Fordham Institute- Mike Petrilli- to see the bat sign in the sky from Jeb Bush and rush to defend the admitted serial liar. Politicians are all about the lying game so Petrilli must have seen a kindred spirit in distress.

Soon after Petrilli put on his cape, politicians and lobbyists like Patty Levesque from the Jeb Bush foundation donned their masks too! Why the desperate defense?  Are other states stacking the deck for charters? Is Florida? Of course the school grade scheme is a scam. The goal is to scapegoat schools and permit pernicious privatization.  School grades have little to do with actual learning.  Prattling politicians like Petrilli, Bush and Levesque do not want you to know this.  Housing prices are affected by these phony grades and we have a cabal controlling parts of the economy.

Thanks to the AP release of the Bennett emails, we now see how things are rigged to favor some- to favor an agenda. Did I mention that Florida changes the grading system all the time- even during the year? All of this comes under the guise of accountability and raising the bar. What a farce.

Florida pumps up graduation rates through waivers and allowing kids to buy credit. The latter favors the rich and the former accounts for 25% of Florida graduates- all by waivers.

Patty Levesque and the Jeb Bush Group are misleading – at best- when saying school grades tell parents how a school is doing. It is all based on a fraud.


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