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Chiefs for Change- in panic mode

The so called Jeb Bush front group “Chiefs for Change” put out some propaganda today- shortly after one of their founding members was forced to leave another state, in disgrace.

Tony Bennett was forced out in Florida and the Chiefs for Status Quo Change took to being the offensive. The Chiefs claimed that opponents of reform had caused this mess. Really? Remember that Bennett was the one who admitted to being a serial liar in the emails.

The Chiefs then said that the emails were taken out of context! I guess they think we, the public, are too dumb to read the emails. The deception is clear. We have unethical behavior that might be criminal.

Notice how this group likes to shift blame.  Read all of the emails. One Florida State Senator says more are coming out. There is also a brewing story with Bennett and “Charter Schools USA” in Florida.

The Chiefs then said that Indiana students did better each year Bennett was there. What an insult to teachers and students. Oddly they made no claims from Florida.  Bennett and the Chiefs have been pushing the status quo of more testing and diverting money from public schools for years. They push the segregationist inspired “choice” canard to justify “White Flight” and to hide the inequity of funding (see Bruce Baker on funding).

The mask if off!  Watch the Jeb Bush crowd do all it can to distract and blame others. We are all paying attention to the man behind the curtain. The house of cards built on testing is about to collapse under its own unethical weight. Don’t EVER again let the Jeb Bush crowd tell you that testing is anything more than a political hammer that THEY want to control.

I hope the AP goes after more emails. Let me help AP in Florida.  FOIA – Levesque/Bush/Bennett/Scott/Coleman/Rhee


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