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The FL Board of Ed (Sic) and Tony Bennett

I wanted to remind the nation of what members of the Florida Board of Education said when they appointed the now disgraced Tony Bennett.

 Chairman Gary Chartrand: “It is exciting for Florida that Tony Bennett has agreed to lead the Florida Department of Education. His experience, vision, and leadership will help us meet our overarching goal of every student performing at or above grade level at 100-percent proficiency.”

Response from Earth: Did you catch that? 100% of students at 100% proficiency. Can anyone be more out of touch with reality? I wonder what Gary thinks of Bennett’s “leadership”now.

 Member Kathleen Shanahan: “Florida is leading the way with assessment and digital implementation that will assist our Common Core preparation and execution. Tony Bennett has been a founding member of PARCC and Common Core planning; he will guide Florida forward with valuable experience and direction. We are excited to welcome him to Florida.”

Response from Earth: It was all about the testing obsession that has gripped the state for years.  Shanahan- former Bush worker- was (is) pushing Common Core and its massive testing- despite no evidence for it.  Her only goal is to keep the gravy train running.

Member John Padget: “Tony Bennett is the right leader for Florida at this time because of his intimate, hands-on knowledge of the Common Core State Standards, together with his work on the PARCC assessment tool, which will eventually replace the FCAT.

Response from Earth: Again it is all about the testing.

** Was Bennett forced out, in part, due to the fact that he almost lost a vote in the last Board Meeting? Was he forced out, in part, due to the fact that he was wavering on PARCC?   Interesting.  Remember what happened to the last guy (Robinson) who was unable to effectively spread the Bush message?



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