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The Best Administrator I Ever Had

The best administrators let good teachers teach. The worst administrators meddle and treat good teachers like garbage. I have seen both types.  I am not going to write a long story about the best administrator I ever had. I am just going to use one story to explain why she was the best.

The State of Florida loves to require all kinds of testing. I spend nearly 80 days a year dealing with some sort of required testing.  We are required to administer an absurd “diagnostic” test called “FAIR”- three times a year. The test takes most students two hours- if they take it seriously. Most students do not take the test seriously and we ignore the results.  With all the tests we have to give there is DATA overload.

I remember emailing my administrator about the testing and how much time it took. I asked what would happen if I “forgot” to do it.  The answer I got to my question was unexpected.

I was told that my judgement was trusted and to only give the test if I thought it was beneficial. The administrator told me that she knew I would only do what was in the best interests of kids.  She closed by saying, “Yes! I am putting this is writing.” She said she would take the heat (none ever came).

I felt trusted and valued. This is how all teachers should feel. Sadly, my experience is rare. Teachers are being treated like garbage and told that they have little power in assessing their own students.  It only gets worse with the increase in outside tests from Common Core and the state created EOC exams.

I wish more teachers realized they were being used and set up by the fake accountability system in Florida. Maybe they do but are too tired or scared to speak up. I understand this. The legislature took away tenure- due process rights.  But only when we unite and refuse to commit malpractice (like Common Core) will we really be educators. To hell with the education apparatchiks.

PS: I “forget” to do a lot of things theses days…


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