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Florida Testing Factories

The Florida Department of Education (sic) is either oblivious (not likely) to, or in denial over- (bingo) how much testing they force on students. The instructional time lost and money wasted is shameful.  Last year I counted about 80 days that involved shutting down all or part of high schools for testing. This year a principal actually figured out that 105 out of 180 days would have some kind of testing going on.  Someone from The Florida Department of Education asked me where I got the information from. Don’t these folks even know how testing works?

Members of the Florida Legislature have long been in denial over how much testing goes on in schools. Some even try to blame districts for the massive testing. Districts do get some of the blame- but because they are chasing phony school grades and other assorted requirements from the STATE.  Some districts even commit the crime of forcing students to take the SAT or ACT. Why? It helps school grades. Testing is big money and is used as a political hammer to fool the public into thinking schools are failing.  This allows educational gangsters like Jeb Bush to push vouchers, virtual schools and privatization (segregation) under the guise of choice.

The “College and Career” ready canard has gripped the nation. Few are wiling to admit the Emperor is without clothes.




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