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Exposing Ed Reform- Volume Two

One of the things I keep hearing from politicians and assorted “reformers” is that teachers are resisting change. I just realized how absurd this propaganda is. Teachers have to make changes all of the time- often on the spot.

During any given day, lessons are often changed due to random safety drills, unannounced assemblies, unreliable technology and even a “teachable moment.” Sometimes weeks of planning is thrown out at the last minute due to high student absence or many students being pulled out for testing. Teachers deal with change several times a week and do it flawlessly. If you ever try dealing with 150 teens each day you would know what I am talking about.  There are also yearly changes as new materials arrive and new mandates are passed down.

The “reformers” like Jeb Bush, Arne Duncan, David Coleman, Randi Weingarten and assorted “Farside” characters have been pushing the status quo for decades. They support “data-less decision making” (hat tip to Chris Tienken for the phrase).  They want more testing and more standards. This failed agenda harms kids and scapegoats schools for a political power agenda.

Common Core is a great example of data-less decision making.

I propose that the only standardized testing we give is NAEP. Teachers- the professionals- should create all other assessments and decide when and how to use them. Let’s see if the “reformers” go for that change- or continue to wallow in the status quo.


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