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Florida Testing Update Sept. 2013

I want to provide regular updates on how the Florida Department of Education(sic), legislature and districts are combining to test kids to death. Learning, teaching, mentoring and exploring are secondary to testing the life out of kids.

School has been in session for three weeks. Guess how many days our library has been closed all day to host testing? The answer is two days.

How many days in the first three weeks of school have included lost time for testing? The answer is four.

How many days next week will see lost time for testing. The answer is FIVE.

By next Friday 9 of 18 school days will have lost time to testing- 50%. Is this criminal? You decide.

How many different standardized tests will the average high school student have taken after 18 days of school? The answer is 3.

Teachers do not get to decide how and when to test. These are forced tests.


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2 thoughts on “Florida Testing Update Sept. 2013

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  2. “But if every educator who understood the damage done by those policies decided to speak out, to organize, to resist, then the policies would soon collapse of their own weight. Many teachers and administrators debate whether to do so, or struggle with whether to respond to students’ interests rather than conform to prescriptive state (or national) standards. They know the risks, but they also realize that Jonathan Kozol was right: “Abject capitulation to unconscionable dictates from incompetent or insecure superiors can be contagious.”’

    FOR REAL!!!!!

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