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Rick Scott’s Common Core Ruse

Rick Scott is trying to delay the collapse of the Jeb Bush accountability system that has diverted billions away from public schools and to testing, consultants and privatization. Florida has bogus school grades, VAM and testing. I cannot think of one of  the many tests Florida requires that actually provide valuable data.  Florida uses testing as a political cudgel. The state manipulates cut scores to get the results they want.

Back to Rick Scott…

Scott is pulling Florida out of the PARCC  testing machine. While this is a positive- he also wants to develop more tests. I guess Pearson will cash in again. We already test about 100 days a year so Scott is not offering less testing or getting rid of the high stakes madness. Scott is trying to appease an increasingly skeptical and educated electorate.

Scott also wants to go ahead with the billion dollar common core boondoggle. Despite no evidence for the need to adopt common core- Scott plows ahead. Common core is a bipartisan disaster and there are many elected Florida Democrats aligned with Jeb Bush and the lie of “high standards.”

Florida has many elected dupes who are happy to continue the illusion of failing schools. The media is also complicit.

Meet the new Rick Scott- same as the old Rick Scott.


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