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Pam Stewart’s PARCC Obsession

The unelected leader at the Florida Department of Education (sic) sent out a email to all teachers that said the state still might choose the PARCC tests after a “competitive bidding process.” This memo tells us three things.

1. Florida is committed to giving billions to the educational testing complex no matter what happens.  The public- with the help of the media- has been lied to about the massive amount of forced testing in our schools. These phony test scores are used to create a crisis to justify more educational gangsterism from Tallahassee. Instead of trusting teachers to evaluate students, testing companies get a massive transfer of resources.

2. Pam Stewart and the legislature think teachers and students are widgets and toys to be experimented with and used for political gain and power. Pam and friends do not trust teachers. Instead of giving billions to testing companies- teachers should be making up tests to give when they feel appropriate. I can think of thousands of ways to spend the money that Pam and friends give to testing companies.

3. We need to fire most of the unaccountable people at the DOE.



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