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Florida’s Common Core Sham

Rick Scott is desperate to create the illusion of collaboration over common core.  Last week the Department of Education (sic) announced some meetings around the state. The problem is twofold. First, these meetings are not to discuss whether we need common core (we don’t) or if there is any evidence for it (there is not). Second, the public (including teachers) has been misled and lied to (openly) by the legislature, governor and DOE – about common core. As the truth comes out- especially about the massive testing increases- the governor and DOE have been on the defensive,

The state- with the help of an impotent media- has used the last few years to push common core propaganda. The meetings around the state (packed with shills) will be a waste of time unless people show up and confront the state with the facts. But guess what? The state will go full ahead anyway. These meetings are simply “listening” sessions. We must take drastic action to end the reign of terror. There is something wrong when we are testing around 100 days a year.  There is something wrong when we allow billions to be diverted to consultants, testing infrastructure, software companies and publishers. School bands, debate teams, literary clubs and sports teams have to beg for money on the streets.

Sadly, the Florida media, legislature, governor and DOE are about as useful as eunuchs in a whorehouse.


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