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Randi Weingarten’s Common Core Fixation

One of the biggest politicians to back the test driven common core agenda is AFT president Randi Weingarten. She has given full support to the Jeb Bush, Arne Duncan and David Coleman “scapegoat schools” agenda.  The US does not have a standards or teacher quality problem. And there is no problem concerning global competitiveness. In response to rising child poverty and homelessness, the Weingarten crowd made a calculated and political decision to join the cabal that scapegoats schools for the ills of society.

Today, Weingarten called for a “mid-course” correction in common core. She even made the the bizarre and anti-evidence claim that common core (if done right) could give poor kids what they need. Weingarten continues to say common core is being rejected more and more because of an “implementation” problem. What she does not realize is that it is being rolled out exactly as planned- as a political hammer to push the myth of failing schools, privatization and segregation choice.

Ms. Weingarten, poor kids need access to books and the time to read. Poor kids need health care and school nurses. Poor kids need mentors and family supports. Poor kids need safe neighborhoods with parks and libraries. Poor kids need swimming pools and community sports teams.

Ms. Weingarten, you are trying to save the corporate ship that you helped fund and launch- the SS Common Core. As you look for a seat at the table- more kids slip under the water.  YOU diverted millions of dollars towards common core and its test driven madness. You fed the false claims that there was some crisis in global competitiveness.  You helped sell the false connection between test scores and the economy. You helped let those who bungled monetary and fiscal policy- off the hook.

Now you write about the need for a correction in the course of common core?  Your audacity of arrogance is astounding! You are doing the exact same thing that NEA and AFT did during the NCLB implementation- clinging to the garments of power.

Common Core must be stopped. There are no half-measures. Stop feeding a manufactured crisis. Every dollar you help divert to phony standards, consultants, “aligned” materials and testing further shows why you must leave AFT so students and teachers can take power away from the scapegoaters.


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