Books are Enough

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Try Again Jeb!

Debunking Mary Bragg from Jeb Bush Foundation

Books are Enough

I have to post this response to the Jeb Bush “opinion piece” in the Washington Times. It is so misleading and dishonest that someone has to deal with it. Jeb must not be allowed to mislead anymore. What he is doing is immoral. He continues to mislead about the Florida Miracle he is trying to perpetuate. The Texas Miracle has long since been debunked and now it is time to deal with Florida.

First I will deal with his achievement and gains claims. Next I will deal with the school grade scam he ran as a front for testing companies – still going on today.

Here are a few cherry-picked claims Jeb made about Florida…

1. Largest achievement gains for students with disabilities

2. 3rd largest gains for low income students

3. 4th largest gains for black students

4. Big closing of achievement gap between black and whites in elementary…

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