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“Once More unto the Breach…”

School districts are also part of the problems created by the Florida DOE and legislature. Districts often create more tests to “prepare” students for the state tests. To be honest, these districts have decided to float down the river like dead fish instead of stand up to the testing bullies at Florida DOE. Districts are trapped. They are afraid of being crushed by the school grades hammer so they over-test. DOE will claim these tests are not required by the state but they know darn well they have created the environment that feeds them. Don’t get me wrong- state testing alone will take up over 80 days a year. But, the additional testing used by districts is also a problem. We need leadership in districts that can say “NO” to more testing. So far, I have not found such leadership in any of the 67 districts around the state.

Some school boards have signed pledges against high stakes testing yet they allow their districts to impose more testing. The “accountability” scam is big business and is a tool for political power agendas. Students are the pawns. Modern day Social Darwin preachers like Mike Petrilli  are ministers in this cult. With funding from Bill Gates and propaganda from Jeb Bush, they have built the “Cult of Accountability.” Even Randi Weingarten has joined the demonic dance of data- the scapegoating of schools. Florida is a founding member of the cult. Common Core and its test driven system are the next power plays.

What to do?

Parents and teachers must speak up and be vocal- not afraid to challenge the status quo of the educational testing complex. Districts must engage in open rebellion against the state. We must opt out of testing – even state required. If a diploma is denied due to a test, sue the state. Create a wave of resistance and shut down the system.

What do we need? We need a few good men to lead the way. The first into the lines always get cut down but they clear the way to victory.

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…”



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